Mary Martha Guild

The Mary Martha Guild of Bethlehem Lutheran is part of the Lutheran Women in Mission commonly called LWML.  Mission activities and activities that support mission work are a vital part of our mission. Many of our supporting projects are on-going; some activities are annual or a one-time donation to a mission agency.  Some of our mission efforts are local, some are more wide-reaching. One mission effort is the Mite Box, where coins are given, collected, and used to fund specific mission grants; another is recycling of aluminum cans, where funds go toward LCMS World Relief and Human Care; another is Medical Missions, where the guild makes a yearly donation to an agency that works with medical missions. Last year it went toward the costs of medical supplies to Papua New Guinea. For more information on LWML click here⇒
The Guild meets on the second Monday of each month in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m.  We start off with a program which anyone is welcome to join, then we finish off with our meeting which is open to all women of the congregation.


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