Gleanings Bible Study

Sunday Bible Study—Steward the Harvest of Autumn with GLEANINGS. Beginning on September 18 and continuing through the last Sunday of the Church Year (November 20), we’ll be embarking on a study that will survey hunger and harvest, feasting and sharing in Scripture. The Old Testament sessions are: 1) Hospitality, 2) Trickery, 3) Obedience, 4) The Miraculous, & 5) Hunger.  The New Testament sessions are: 6) Breakfast, 7) Lunch, 8) Dinner, 9) Midnight Snack, & 10) Party. Join us in the conference room at 9:15 a.m. to find out what those titles are about and how they’ll take us further into Scripture and life. Each attendee will get a personal study booklet which includes all of the sessions. Prepared by the Society of St. Andrew (SOSA)—an organization which gleans America’s fields to feed the hungry—this exploration and discussion will take you through the harvests of autumn to Thanksgiving with new awareness and generous stewardship. To learn more about SOSA, go to


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Wednesday Bible Study will not meet on Wednesday, at 10:30 a.m.-noon. We will begin looking at the book of the prophet Haggai. Join us in the conference room for this time of study, growth, and exploration together.